John Russo-Vocals
Tim Martini-Guitars & Vocals
Gregg Martini-Guitars & Vocals
Tim Burris-Drums & Vocals 
Some dates are played without full lineups.  Those dates are marked by initials of band members playing.

Martini and Russo is a classic acoustic rock band covering your favorite rock tunes from the 60's through current hits.  We hope you can make it out to see us soon.  Please check back often for schedule updates and news announcements.

11/23/2013 (Sat) Bud & Tooties - New Phila, Oh 9:00 (jr,gm)
12/07/2013 (Sat) AKA @ Baltic Bar, Oh (jr,gm,tb,jt)
12/13/2013 (Fri) Dennison Eagles, Dennison, Oh (jr,gm,tb)
12/28/2013 (Sat) Heinis Market - Sugarcreek, Oh 1:00pm (jr,gm)
01/03/2014 (Fri) The Barley House - Akron, Oh - 9:00pm
01/10/2014 (Fri) Dennison Eagles - Dennison, Oh (jr,gm,tb)
01/17/2014 (Fri) The Millersburg Brewing Company - Millersburg, Oh 8pm (jr,gm)
02/07/2014 (Fri) The Back Alley - New Phila, Oh 9:30
02/28/2014 (Fri) Buds n Tooties - New Phila, Oh 9:00 (jr,gm)
03/07/2014 (Fri) The Barley House - Akron, Oh 9:00
03/21/2014 (Fri) The Back Alley - New Phila, Oh 9:30
04/04/2014 (Fri) Martini 97 - Dover, Oh 9:00
04/05/2014 (Sat) Heini's Market - Sugarcreek, Oh 1:00pm (jr,gm)
04/05/2014 (Sat) Schoolhouse Winery - Dover, Oh 7pm-9pm (jr,tm,gm)
05/09/2014 (Fri) The Back Alley - New Phila, Oh 9:30
05/26/2014 (Mon) Joe & Edie Memorial Ride @ Linden Tree, Mineral City
06/13/2014 (Fri) Dennison Depot Concert Series
06/27/2014 (Fri) Sacred Heart Festival, New Phila, Oh
07/12/2014 (Sat) Heini's Market, Sugarcreek - Oh 1pm (gm,jr)
12/27/2014 (Sat) Heini's Market, Sugarcreek - Oh 1pm (gm,jr) 

Please check back for schedule updates.